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May 24, 2013

DayZ standalone lead developer Dean "Rocket" Hall is taking a two-month break from the project while he climbs Mount Everest. He hasn't completely stopped working though as he provided an update Monday on the progress of the PC game from base camp - 5,400 meters above sea level.

The only new feature teased for DayZ standalone in this latest update is the addition of sol republic in-game radios. Hall describes it as a similar but simpler version of the ACARS radio mod for ArmA2. Players will be able to find radios in the game world and change frequencies to talk with others or even listen in on conversations between other groups. Conversations will be public through voice or text in the immediate area though until a headset is crafted.

Other than that, the DayZ development team at Bohemia Interactive is currently working on updating the player animations to make them seem more like civilians and less like soldiers, zombie animations and new weapons and items such as the M4A1, Gas Mask, Pilot Helmet, Mauser Rifle, pen/paper, mess tin, can opener, etc. All of these items are being worked sol republic tracks hd on while the server architecture is being fleshed out enough for the alpha release of the game.

"[W]e want to release our initial alpha under the architecture it needs to avoid hacking and security issues - this is the only remaining task stopping us from releasing the alpha," Hall explained on the game's Tumblr development blog. "But while this task is being completed, we can continue with other activities."

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